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Theory lessons in the driving school

Classroom teaching

Mon 03/27/201319:00OffenbachTheme 8Other participants in road traffic: special...
Mon 03/27/201318:30Neu-IsenburgTheme 3Traffic signs and devices
Tue 28.03.2319:00OffenbachTheme 9Traffic behavior during driving maneuvers, traffic observ...
Tue 28.03.2318:30FrankfurtTheme 6Traffic regulations/railway crossings
Wed 29.03.2319:00OffenbachTheme 10Stationary traffic
Wed 29.03.2318:30FrankfurtTheme 7Speed, distance and environmentally friendly driving...
Thu 30.03.2319:00OffenbachTheme 11Behavior in special situations
Thu 30.03.2318:30FrankfurtTheme 8Other participants in road traffic: special...
Fri 31.03.2319:00OffenbachTheme 12Lifelong learning
Fri 31.03.2317:00Neu-IsenburgTheme 4Road transport system and its use